Important Accessories You Should Think About Before You Buy a Water Jet Cutter

Some inexperienced fabricators make the mistake of neglecting to consider the cost of needed accessories when they purchase a water-jet cutting machine. Such accessories can have a profound effect on your profitability if you don't factor their cost into the cost of making each product. This article discusses some of those important accessories that you should think about as you plan to buy a water jet cutter. Water Treatment Equipment Read More 

Transmission Welding: Reasons Why You Should Choose it

Transmission welding, also known as laser transmission welding, refers to the process of bonding thermoplastics using focused laser radiation. Laser transmission welding has become the technology of choice, especially when applications involve components which require high-quality welds. The process of laser welding is very distinct from other traditional methods and techniques of welding.  Here is what you need to know about this technology and why you should choose it for your industrial welding needs. Read More 

Steel Fabrication Processes

Fabrication processes can be done with almost any metal, but steel remains one of the most popular because of its versatility, durability and overall cost efficiency. Steel fabrication processes include bending, cutting and assembling the metal into structures such as house frames, hand rails, stairs, construction equipment, auto parts and much more. These processes are typically done in a fabrication shop and are completed using the aid of engineering drawings. Large shops can employ more than one process, such as welding and machining, while smaller shops may only concentrate on one process such as cutting. Read More 

Advice on how to effectively prepare and apply powder coat to your wheels

Despite being one of the smaller components of the exterior, a car's wheels can really make or break its appearance. By having a nice set of rims and a great ride height adjustment, you can turn a car that is ready for the scrap heap into a head turner. The opposite case is also true: poor wheels will take away from a masterpiece of a vehicle. By using a powder coat, you will be able to give your set of wheels a great service and make them stand out. Read More 

What Are The Types Of Engraving Used On Trophies?

Trophies are often considered the highest honour or award in a large number of occasions, including school prize giving days, sporting events, and even for recognition of outstanding employees at the workplace. Quality engraving of trophies helps to improve their quality as well as aesthetic appeal. There are various techniques used to engrave trophies, some of which are discussed herein. These techniques differ in terms of equipment used, the cost of production and the final appearance among other factors. Read More