3 Advantages of Using Aluminium Bronze Castings

If you need to add die casting to parts or products, then you have to decide which casting material to use. While each material has its benefits, many applications work well with aluminium bronze casting.

What are its benefits?

1. Better Longevity

When you add casting to something, you typically need the casting to last for as long as possible. Depending on the part or product and its purpose, you might need the casting to add a layer of strength and to stand up to specific environmental conditions.

Aluminium bronze casting is strong and hard-wearing. It can hold its integrity in tough conditions longer than softer metals. It also won't run into problems if it is exposed to corrosive materials. So, for example, this kind of casting works well if the part or product is exposed to some chemicals or to water. The outer layer of the casting is an aluminium oxide.

This oxide shrugs off the corrosive effects of water, so it won't rust or pick up deposits in the way that other metals would. So, this kind of casting stays intact for longer.  

2. Better Performance in Different Temperatures

If the parts or products you create operate in different temperatures, then the casting you use needs to be able to withstand its operating environments. For example, it might need to deal with heat or cold without getting damaged. Your casting needs to maintain thermal conditions.

Aluminium bronze casting doesn't have a problem with heat or cold. For example, it holds and transfers heat effectively. It also has electrical conductivity benefits. If your part holds an electrical connection, the casting shields the connection from excess heat.

3. Better Spark Resistance

Some die casting materials spark in certain circumstances. For example, if they are exposed to high-enough friction levels, a casting might create sparks when it is used. This can be dangerous, especially if you use the part or product in a flammable environment. Sparks can cause fires and can react with other substances in the environment.

Aluminium bronze castings don't spark. This makes them particularly useful when you cast tools or parts that have to deal with friction or chemicals in the immediate environment.

Talk to die casting companies to find out more about your options. They can talk you through the advantages of using aluminium bronze castings and help you decide if this is the best fit for your needs.