Batch Processing and Other Manufacturing Niches: Tips and Blogs

Risks And Hazards: Hydrostatic Testing And De-watering Pipelines.

Hydrostatic testing, and consequently de-watering are vital operations needed to be performed on pressurized pipelines. Both processes however, are associated with a number of potential hazards and risk. The following considerations and precautions should be taken when engaging in hydrostatic testing or de-watering. Hydrostatic Testing Hydrostatic testing should always be conducted after installation, and it is recommended to conduct testing throughout the duration of its expiry.  Hydrostatic testing is performed to assess the operational integrity of the piping. Read More 

Injection Moulding: The Ideal Injection Moulding for Your Plastics Production

Injection moulding can be defined as a technique used in the mechanical production of plastic and plastic components. The usability of this technology makes it possible for you to produce high-quality products at the lowest cost. With technological advancements, people have come up with better injection moulding techniques that you can use in your plastic production business. Gas-Oriented Injection Moulding In this model of production, pressurised gas is introduced into the system to help in the melting process. Read More 

Plastic Fantastic: 3 Reasons to Stick with Plastic Bottles for Your Product

In the current economic climate, businesses that care for the environment are very highly regarded. Because of this, some businesses feel pressure to be completely green in all areas—but buyer beware. While it's important to do what you can to reduce your carbon footprint, both for ethical and brand-appeal purposes, it's important not to allow that to overtake your primary objective. Your business is designed to make money. It must make money in order to continue to exist—and sacrificing too much profit in order to meet a self-imposed environmental standard may reduce its ability to do so. Read More 

3 Issues to Consider When Designing a Dust Collection System for Fabrication Shops

Health and safety concerns require fabricators to install a dust collection system so that the fine dust particles that are generated during CNC laser cutting processes can be taken away before they contaminate the air within the fabrication shop. This article discusses some of the considerations that you should discuss with the designer of your dust collection system. Fabrication Automation You should pay attention to the magnitude of automation at your fabrication shop during the design of a dust collection system. Read More 

How to Choose Goalposts for Your Facility’s Field

Goalposts are going to be needed for just about any school or athletic field, even if the field is only used for team practice. You cannot properly train a team if they cannot use the same equipment they will use during play, and this includes posts and markers. If you're responsible for providing equipment for any school or other facility's field and need to replace or purchase new goalposts, note a few things to consider so you're sure you get the right choice. Read More