Benefits Which Come From Frameless Steel Construction

Most people think about skyscrapers and other huge constructions when stainless steel fabrication is mentioned. However, the use of steel has moved from the massive construction to smaller projects, and it is currently one of the most famous building materials. The three qualities which make steel such an excellent construction material are sustainability, durability and affordability. The modern fabricator is therefore spoilt for choice when it comes to picking the perfect metal fabrication material. Read More 

How to hire the best generator for your company

Are you involved in the farming, mining, or transport sectors? Whether you work in one of these sectors or some other industry that requires you to work far away from a source of mains power, you have probably wondered at some point what you can use as a power source. Being far away from from a fixed source of electricity doesn't reduce your dependence on electricity. When you can't rely on the power company to meet your needs, you will need to consider arranging generator hire so you can keep your tools and equipment running and get the job done. Read More 

Risks And Hazards: Hydrostatic Testing And De-watering Pipelines.

Hydrostatic testing, and consequently de-watering are vital operations needed to be performed on pressurized pipelines. Both processes however, are associated with a number of potential hazards and risk. The following considerations and precautions should be taken when engaging in hydrostatic testing or de-watering. Hydrostatic Testing Hydrostatic testing should always be conducted after installation, and it is recommended to conduct testing throughout the duration of its expiry.  Hydrostatic testing is performed to assess the operational integrity of the piping. Read More