A Guide to Buying Wooden Pallets for Your Manufacturing Business

As long as your newly launched manufacturing business will be producing goods that need to be transported, be it locally or internationally, it is mandatory that you have the right packaging to ensure that they reach their target destination in good condition. And when it comes to freight, pallets are the industry standard for this packaging. However, despite a majority of industrial businesses using pallets, the logistics can vary from one location to another. Hence, it is your responsibility to ensure that the pallets that you invest in will be accepted wherever they go. Wooden pallets, for instance, are internationally recognised. Nonetheless, there are a few considerations you need to factor in when purchasing pallets for use in your manufacturing business. Below is a simplified guide to buying wooden pallets for your manufacturing business.

What is the weight of your manufactured goods?

The weight of the products that you will be manufacturing will influence the type of pallets that you should invest in since the pallets should be capable of accommodating this weight while simultaneously proving protection for your goods. If your products are lightweight, standard wooden pallets will be an ideal investment since your products do not require additional support. However, if your end product is quite heavy, you must source custom heavy-duty pallets that are capable of supporting this load. Usually, the heavy-duty variety will be manufactured from inherently robust hardwood species. While these may cost slightly more, they are an investment since they work to ensure your products are not exposed to undue damage when in transit.

Where are you shipping your products?

Your shipping destination is the second critical consideration that you need to have when sourcing for wooden pallets since any goods being transported overseas will need to be in pallets that have an ISPM-15 rating. This rating refers to a set of regulations that are in place to curtail the spread of pests and diseases from one location to another. Wooden pallets need to have an ISPM-15 rating since this is an organic material that would be conducive for the harbouring of said pets and diseases. Fortunately, these guidelines are not hard to meet. All you need to do is ensure that all the wooden pallets you utilise for international shipments have undergone the required treatments, whether via chemicals or heat. Once treated, they will be inspected by an accredited organisation that will then either approve or reject the wooden pallets.